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Company Overview

Datalink Mitra Abadi is a SI company founded in 2008. At the beginning of the year of establishment, PT Datalink Mitra Abadi focused on IT Infrastructure, Cabling, Storage Devices, and UPS.

Until early 2012, PT Datalink Mitra Abadi began development by Penetrating the world of IT Security that encompasses Firewall, Anti Virus, Anti Spam, Security Data and IT Applications such as Contact Centers and Business Intelligence until 2016.

Starting in 2017, PT Datalink Mitra Abadi are starting to expand their business scope by adding Surveillance Systems, IT and Maintenance Consultations while still holding on to IT Infrastructure, and in the future We will continue to grow along with the advancement of Information Technology and Data Center Security.


Becoming a leading IT company that is concerned and leading in producing IT products and services as the latest, integrated, synergistic, professional and sustainable solution for business value


Provides the Best solution and services to the customer and high satisfaction to increase our client's competitive advantage using the best IT solution that is making a contribution to the creation of business value